Celebrating a Century of Dalton

The Dalton Plan has underpinned how Ascham girls have approached their studies, their careers and their lives since its introduction by Margaret Bailey in 1922.

The unique teaching and learning framework of the Dalton Plan is proven to guide girls’ intellectual and personal growth, enriching their School years and life beyond. It provides a robust platform on which girls learn to build respectful connections, develop a strong sense of responsibility and self-management, shape their decision making and build confidence, and become self-directed, intrinsically-motivated individuals.

Our teaching philosophy embraces the four key principles of Dalton— responsibility, independence, collaboration and reflection—to inspire classroom learning and encourage a goal-oriented mindset.

Our unique wellbeing framework, Vi et Animo—with heart and soul, strength and courage—is built around these principles and together they develop academic buoyancy for girls, giving them the skills to cope with challenges and setbacks.

The power of the Dalton Plan is evident in our girls’ ‘can-do’ attitudes, resilient mindsets and academic buoyancy, more able to cope with setbacks and challenges while retaining a positive outlook throughout their learning and personal development.

Long after they have left Ascham and are pursuing fulfilling professional careers and personal lives, Ascham Old Girls retain a strong connection to and love for the Dalton Plan and the outcomes it has allowed them to achieve.

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