Approach to supporting learning at Primary – All Saints Grammar

Our goal at All Saints Grammar is to ensure every child has the opportunity to thrive. Fostering a love of learning, building resilience and providing students with the opportunities to achieve their full academic potential, whilst maintaining our pillars of Faith, Excellence and Respect are at the forefront of everything we do.

Students are individuals who learn at different rates and in different ways. These individual differences may influence how students respond to instruction and how they demonstrate what they know, understand and can do. The Student Learning Services team supports students and teachers in every classroom and aims to work closely with the community to ensure the best outcomes for our students. This is best captured within the ASG philosophy of cultivating a Better Person Better Learner culture to enable students to flourish.

The Student Learning Services Team works with students, teachers, and parents to identify and respond to the additional learning needs of our students. This includes students requiring additional intervention to reach their learning potential as well as meeting the need of high potential students.

The Student Learning Services Team collaborates with teachers to plan and design teaching and learning opportunities to meet the needs of our students. Sometimes interventions, be they for remediation or extension, are delivered by the Student Learning Services team. At other times they are delivered directly by the class teachers as differentiation in the classroom.

Together with the Classroom Teacher, the Student Learning Services Team collects data and continually monitors students’ progress to ensure all students are learning to their full potential.

In previous years, Student Learning Services was provided for the most part as a withdrawal program. Namely, the students were withdrawn from class to attend both Literacy intervention programs and the Enrichment program.

This year our Student Learning Services Team will mainly be working in classrooms, shoulder to shoulder with teachers to provide both targeted intervention and enrichment for students within the context of their classroom. The benefit of this mode of delivery is that more students will be able to access the targeted learning and enrichment experiences. There will be less student movement and hence be a more time-efficient mode of delivery. Additionally, the enrichment experiences will have a greater alignment with the learning happening in the classroom.

Our teachers will continue to provide opportunities through careful task design to ensure:

  • all students’ learning needs are catered for
  • all students are able to access the task
  • the task is open-ended enough so that our high potential students are thriving, deepening their knowledge, understanding and skills.

The broad aim for all our students is to continue to identify and nurture students’ potential to grow into confident and articulate individuals of strong moral character, who are inquisitive and courageous, so they can contribute positively and responsibly to their broader society.


Mr Thomas Psomas, Head of Primary

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