Global Thought Leadership – A King’s Education

The King’s School enjoys international prominence for many reasons, not least being its unique history as Australia’s oldest independent school.

With three campuses set on an extraordinary geographic footprint, a King’s education is more than merely the inculcation of knowledge and skills with the occasional inclusion of co-curricular and sports activities.

The King’s School is committed to providing pathways for its students in an environment where Global Thought Leaders are made. The School has a three-pillar approach where students are nurtured through Academic Excellence and Character Development within the context of a Christian Community.

According to Headmaster Tony George, King’s continues to pledge its commitment to making an impact for the good of society, not just educationally but also socially and environmentally.

“We want our students to be challenged to grow and develop into intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual, but also courageous, adventurous, entrepreneurial, faithful, honourable, dependable, and egalitarian individuals who strive to be the very best they can be for the sake of serving others”, says Mr George.

The kinds of leaders the School produces are those with a healthy risk appetite and whose character demonstrates humility and excellence.

The King’s School offers a range of Scholarships and Bursaries for entry to Years 7 to 11, although the majority of these are for entry to Year 7. Many of these awards have been established as a result of the generosity of parents, friends, associated organisations and bequests.

Scholarship assessment examinations are held in February each year and are followed by interviews for short-listed applicants.
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