Making the most of every opportunity at Kambala

Catherine Bako Year 12 2022 is an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program student at Kambala and a scholarship recipient. Catherine has embraced every opportunity made available to her at Kambala. Catherine has a general curiosity about her and all that she engages in. She has a willingness to take academic risks and challenges and has diverse interests, all great qualities for a scholarship recipient.

Our mission at Kambala is to challenge and nurture every girl to realise her full potential for personal and academic excellence. Academically, Catherine has always been an exemplary scholar and was named Dux of the Year from 2016-2020. In Year 11 she was awarded First in Class for all six subjects she studied. This is a remarkable achievement reflecting ability and commitment, especially when managing so many additional commitments beyond academics.

Catherine has a passion for debating as was Debating Prefect in 2022.  She was also selected to be part of the NSW State Debating Team in 2022. She has been integral in shaping the strong debating culture at Kambala and has served as a role model to many students.

She is a fine musician and has been part of several ensembles across the school including intermediate Percussion Ensemble, Senior Orchestra, Senior Percussion Ensemble, and the Symphonic Wind Orchestra.

Further to Catherine’s demonstrated leadership, she has also led the 2021 40 Hour Famine Kambala Leadership Team and the 2020 Student Alliance Networking Group at USYD Women’s College. Peers look to Catherine as she is an advocate for inclusivity and diversity thereby earning the respect of peers and teachers alike. Such examples demonstrate her passion and collaboration with others and how this reaches far beyond the classroom.

Well done, Catherine, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

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