The MLC School difference; nurturing tomorrow’s fearless and brave women.

Over 100 years ago, independent, non-selective Uniting Church school for girls, MLC School began with a radical recognition that much more could be expected of girls’ skills and talents during their school education.

Today, this philosophy remains at the heart of everything we do. From Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, we educate and inspire young women to be fearless thinkers with moral courage and compassion, to be agents of change in their own lives and the lives of others.

Our students are empowered to challenge community assumptions about what women can achieve. Simply put, MLC School girls dare to be more.

Discover the MLC School difference:

Truly reflecting today’s society, at MLC School you’ll find a vibrant, multicultural cohort of girls from a wide variety of family backgrounds. MLC School girls come from across Sydney’s wider metropolitan area, from diverse cultures, backgrounds and faiths; they appreciate the power of collaboration; are accepting of, and genuinely develop respect for the wider community.

Difference is encouraged through MLC School’s academic and co-curricular programs, which recognise and celebrate diversity and hold notions of what might be seen as ‘typical’ up to the light.

These programs allow girls to discover their academic, creative and physical strengths, reward curiosity and new ideas, and provide a safe framework for experimentation and risk-taking.

We believe in the power of diversity, and recognise that together we are stronger.

Our co-curricular program is beyond comparison, allowing girls to flourish in fields they may never have dreamt of.

From its inception, MLC School has valued academic and co-curricular achievements equally and has been a pioneer in all fields of girls’ education. This is evidenced through our scholarship selection criteria, where a girl’s capacity to contribute to the mission of the School and embody the values is equally important and her academic capacity.

As a result, we do not offer purely academic scholarships, they are awarded for all-rounders on the basis of a girl’s academic potential together with her capacity to contribute in a number of other areas including:

• Leadership
• Cultural/creative/performing arts
• Service
• Sport

Here, your daughter can experience a wide variety of activities including: 19 sports, music with choirs, learning instruments, performing in bands and ensembles, dance and drama, debating and public speaking, student leadership experiences, national and international exchanges and a wide variety of clubs and societies.

Girls for year 7 entry with musical talent may apply separately for a Music Scholarship, though every applicant is always considered for the all-round scholarship criteria.

MLC School is well renowned for its music program and entry as a scholar is highly competitive. The School’s music scholars have gone on to perform at some of the finest venues and in orchestras around the world.

MLC School is one of the highest performing schools in Australia. We believe in giving your daughter the choice to achieve the best outcomes for her, and her aspirations. We provide comprehensive assistance to ensure our girls make a well-informed choice based on what is best suited to them.
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is an internationally renowned university entrance qualification which is suitable for all-rounders. MLC School consistently achieves at the highest level internationally in the IB. Higher School Certificate (HSC) is also internationally recognised and is well suited to students who are more interested in specialising in a particular subject area.

The Principal’s Scholarship is directed to a girl looking to enter Year 10 at MLC School for her final three years, where her financial circumstances are such they this opportunity would not ordinarily be available. The objective of this scholarship is to enable girls to chance to flourish in their latter years within the extensive academic and co-curricular offerings at the School.

MLC School has a dedicated careers department that will assist you and your daughter to make considered choices about her future. MLC School provides meaningful career development programs and advice, and a full suite of diagnostic tools to make well informed decisions about her subject choices and trajectory following high school.

Well before she completes Year 12, your daughter will have extensive opportunities to meet staff from various universities, hear from professionals in a very wide range of fields and receive assistance with her university applications.

A scholarship at MLC School is transformative. Here, your daughter will embrace her responsibility to contribute to the world, both actively and positively. She will be empowered to push societal, academic and creative boundaries and challenge the perceptions of what a woman can and should do. At MLC School, your daughter will become fearless and brave.

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